Dr. Kalachand Sain
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Kalachand Sain obtained his M.Sc. (Tech) in Applied Geophysics from IIT-ISM, Dhanbad and Ph.D. in Active Seismology from CSIR-NGRI (Osmania University), Hyderabad. He visited Cambridge University (UK) and Rice University (USA) as a post-doctoral Fellow, and USGS (USA) as a Visiting Scientist. He is the Director at Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (An Autonomous Institute of DST, GoI), Dehradun. Earlier, he was the Chief Scientist & Head of Seismic Group at CSIR-NGRI. He is also an honorary Outstanding Professor at AcSIR of CSIR.
His expertise includes machine learning, seismic tomography, full-waveform inversion, attribute characterization, AVO modeling, prestack depth migration, rock physics modeling, etc. His research interests cover wide-range of scientific challenges: delineation & assessment of gas-hydrates; imaging sub-volcanic sediments; evolution of sedimentary basins; imaging collisional/subduction zones; understanding geo-tectonics, earthquake processes, glaciological & landslides hazards. This has resulted into 163 SCI articles and 137 Non-SCI articles/documents; 4 Authored Volumes: 1 on ‘Meta-attributes’, 1 on ‘Seismic Tomography’ by AGU-Wiley; 2 on ‘Gas-hydrates’ by Lambert Academic Publishing; 4 Edited Volumes: 3 on ‘Gas-hydrates’ by Elsevier, 1 on ‘Emerging Energy Resources in India’ by Geol. Soc. of India; Supervision of 14 Ph.D. and 70 dissertations.
He is a Fellow of all three Indian Science Academies: INSA (New Delhi), IAS (Bangalore), NASI (Allahabad), and Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (Hyderabad) and Telangana Academy of Sciences (Hyderabad); Recipient of J.C. Bose National Fellowship of SERB-DST, National Merit Scholarship by Min. of Education, Raman Fellowship of CSIR and BOYSCAST Fellowship of DST.
Honored with the Alumnus Award of IIT-ISM, AP Scientist Award, National Award of Excellence in Geoscience by Min. of Earth Sciences, National Mineral Award by Min. of Mines, ONGC Best Paper Award, International Gondwana Research Best Paper Award, YS Award of CSIR, Krishnan Medal, Decennial Award and Anni Talwani Memorial Prize of Indian Geophysical Union (IGU).
He is a Vice President of IGU (2020 -) & Congress Director of Federation of Indian Geosciences Association (2020 -); Member of National Gas Hydrates Program, National Committees of SERB-DST, CSIR, MoES, DST, IAS, Research Advisory Councils & Governing Bodies of many Institutes/Universities; Board Member of ‘Encyclopedia for Solid Earth Geophysics’ by Springer.
Lectures: V.V. Sastri Memorial (’22) of GSI; K.N. Khatri Memorial (’21) at IIT-R; National Science Day (’20) at CSIR-CBRI; CSIR Foundation Day (’19) at CSIR-IIP; Jagdeo Singh Memorial (’19) at IIT(ISM); M.N. Bose Memorial (’19) at BSIP; Prem Bahadur Memorial (2009) of IGC.
Main Scientific Achievements:

  • Established Gas Hydrates Research Center with world-class facilities at CSIR-NGRI for inversion, modeling, processing, interpretation of Seismic data as well as physical laboratory experiments
  • Developed neural-based novel method, first of its kind, for automatic delimitation of subsurface geologic features from 3D surface data, and Established an AI Centre of Excellence at WIHG
  • Identified precursory events before the ice-rock avalanche during the 2021 Chamoli flash-flood; developing an Integrated Early Warning System using seismological and hydro-meteorological data
  • Developed 2D full-waveform inversion of wide-angle seismic data, first time in India, and delineated finer details of sub-volcanic sediment in KK and hydrates-bearing sediment in KG basins
  • Characterized and evaluated gas-hydrates in KG, Mahanadi and Andaman basins, which were validated by drilling, and Estimated critical parameters (porosity, permeability, pore pressure) from seismic data, pre-requisite for the development of geology-specific production technology
  • Delineated high-resolution crustal structures in Southern Granulite, Dharwar Craton, Eastern Ghats, Narmada Lineament, Kutch Peninsula, Saurashtra Peninsula, NW Himalaya, Fold-thrust belt of Sub-Himalaya, Bengal basin, Mahanadi delta, Dibrugarh basin and Andaman subduction zone, and shed light on geotectonic, seismotectonic, and earthquake processes
  • Led Scientific Cruises for (i) studying heat flow off Goa & Cochin (2007), (ii) investigating gas-hydrates in KG & Mahanadi (2010), (iii) imaging plate geometries in Andaman subduction (2017)
  • Delineated Geothermal Green Energy resources in Uttarakhand Himalaya and Initiated a project for conversion it into Electrical Energy at Tapovan, and Signed a MoU with a Private Energy Limited
  • Leading a Mission Project on “Characterization and Assessment of surface and subsurface Processes in the Himalaya for Seismogenesis, Geodynamics, Geo-hazards and Natural resources