Activity 1A

Activity 1A – Geodynamics of Indo-Eurasian collision zone – crustal evolution, carbon sequestration and mineralization 

The project focuses on the critical areas of Lesser, Higher and Trans Himalaya targeting Petrogenesis, Mineralogy, Geo-thermochronological and Geochronology of the magmatic-metamorphic complexes, which are vital to elucidate the crustal growth, mantle heterogeneity, crustal contamination, emplacement and exhumation of the dynamic domains of the Himalayan orogen. The premeditated visit to mass and volatile recycling, magmatic-hydrothermal transition, near surface reactions in the mafic/ultramafic rocks and ore forming fluid flow demonstrate the magma-plume models, origin of economic minerals and natural CO2 sequestration phenomena. In the recent past, new definitions have been provided to the magmatic evolution, subduction processes, exhumation, and origin of economic minerals in various tectonic domains of the Himalaya. The study of zircons from Himalayan crystalline reveals coeval episodic growth and in-situ behaviour, which has direct bearing on tectonics and subduction paths, which help in constraining the timing of formation and emplacement. Overall, this project is a rationalised attempt towards updating the fundamental database on magmatism and geodynamic evolution of Himalaya, alongside dealing with the key issues of potential economic minerals and CO2 sequestration. The study area includes the western Himalaya (Himachal, Garhwal, Ladakh Himalaya) and the eastern Himalaya (Arunachal Himalaya).

Team Members:

B.K. Mukherjee(Activity In-charge)
Scientist ‘E’

Phone No: +01352525189
Email: barun’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in

Paramjeet Singh
Scientist ‘C’
Phone No: 01352525130

Pratap Chandra Shety
Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525353
Email: pratapsethy’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in

Dr. Hiredya Chauhan
Scientist ‘C’

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Email: hiredya’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in
Mutum Rajanikanta Singh
Scientist ‘B’

Phone No: 01352525137
Email: mrsingh’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in

Dr. Kunda Badhe
Scientist ‘B’

Phone No: 01352525269
Email: kundabadhe’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in