Activity 4B

Activity 4B – Ecology and climate dynamics of the Himalaya – Cenozoic to Present

Study of past climate of the Earth is pivotal in understanding the future dynamics of climate. This purpose of this research activity is to reconstruct the past climate/monsoon and establish its ecological linkage through proxy records (sedimentology, geochemistry, environmental magnetism, stable isotope, clay mineralogy, grain size pollens and diatoms) from various geo-archival settings (Tree ring, Lake sediments, peat, fluvial deposits, speleothems and glacial deposits) of the Himalaya and its depositional basins (Indo-Gangetic Plain and Indian Ocean). Tree-rings continuously preserve temporal changes in environmental variables and provide precise dating to several centuries/millennia. On the other hand, the lake/peat and fluvial records are able to provide decadal to centennial scale up to late-Quaternary time period. The marine records are also able to provide information on the continental-scale impact of the climate and tectonics for Cenozoic era as well. The multi-archival and multi-proxy climate records may be used to understand the behavior of climate and bridge the local data gap in establishment of regional and global climatic linkages.

Team Members:

N.K. Meena (Activity In-charge)
Scientist ‘E’

Phone No: 01352525357
Jayendra Singh
Scientist ‘E’

Phone No: +01352525271

Sudipta Sarkar
Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525264

Prakasam M.
Phone No: 01352525265