Faculty Members

List of Faculty Members

S.No.NameDesignation at WIHGDesignation at AcSIR
1Dr. Kalachand SainDirector‘Outstanding Faculty’
2Dr. R K SehgalScientist ‘E’Associate Professor and Nominee Dean AcSIR
3Dr. Koushik SenScientist ‘E’Associate Professor and Coordinator WIHG-AcSIR
4Dr. R. Jayangonda PerumalScientist ‘F’Professor
5Dr. Naresh KumarScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
6Dr.(Mrs.) Kapesa LokhoScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
7Dr. A K SinghScientist ‘E’Professor
8Dr. H K SachanScientist ‘G’Professor
9Dr. Sushil KumarScientist ‘G’Professor
10Dr. Vikram GuptaScientist ‘F’Professor
11Dr. Ajay PaulScientist ‘F’Associate Professor
12Dr. Khayingshing LuireiScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
13Dr. Santosh Kumar RaiScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
14Dr. Barun MukherjeeScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
15Dr. Jayendra SinghScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
16Dr. Gautam RawatScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
17Dr. Devajit HazarikaScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
18Dr. Dilip Kumar YadavScientist ‘D’Associate Professor
19Dr. N K MeenaScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
20Dr. S.S. ThakurScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
21Dr. Swapnamita C. VaideswaranScientist ‘D’Associate Professor
22Dr. Param Kirti Rao GautamScientist ‘E’Associate Professor
23Dr. Manish MehtaScientist ‘D’Associate Professor
24Dr. Rajesh S.Scientist ‘D’Assistant Professor
25Dr. Anil KumarScientist ‘D’Assistant Professor
26Dr. VikasScientist ‘D’Assistant Professor
27Dr. Parveen KumarScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
28Dr. Sameer K. TiwariScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
29Dr. Paramjeet SinghScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
30Dr. Vinit KumarScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
31Dr. Narendra KumarScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
32Dr. Som DuttScientist ‘D’Assistant Professor
33Dr. Aditya KharyaScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
34Dr. Suman Lata RawatScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor
35Dr. Chhavi PandeyScientist ‘C’Assistant Professor