Activity 1B

Activity 1B – Mantle upwelling, fluid circulation, metasomatic processes – Implications on fluid-rock interaction

The wide-ranging processes that include mass and energy interface in evolving the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt offer ample scope for the investigation and defining crust-mantle interaction, assessment of thermal structures, change of P-T regime, pattern of lithospheric growth, and impact of fluid inclusions. This activity focused on crust-mantle sequences incorporating entities of oceanic lithosphere, crystalline sheets, and domains of high fluid activity in parts of the northwest and northeast Himalaya. The aim of this project is to address key issues of petrogenesis, particularly in terms of emplacement of magmas and mantle inputs, crustal contamination, metamorphic processes, and the role of interacting fluids. The integration of mineralogical, petrological, tectono-metamorphic, isotopic, geochemical, geochronological, and fluid inclusion (micro-thermometry) data will help in understanding the crustal growth and tectonic evolution of the Alpine – Himalayan orogenic belt. The targeted area covers transects in the crystalline, ophiolitic, and granitic terrain in the northwest and northeast Himalaya.

Team Members:

Koushik Sen (Activity In-charge)
Scientist ‘E’

Phone No: 01352525358

S.S. Thakur
Scientist ‘E’

Phone No: 01352525285

Saurabh Singhal
Scientist ‘D’

Phone No: 01352525134

Aditya Kharya
Scientist ‘D’

Phone No: 01352525187

Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525354

Dr. Pramod Rajak
Scientist ‘B’

Phone No: 01352525351