Activity 6A

Activity 6A – Glacial dynamics, glacier hydrology, mountain meteorology and related hazards

Mighty Himalaya is considered as the water tower of Asia and hosts major freshwater reserves that support a large population (for drinking, irrigation, hydropower) residing in the Himalayan region. This activity encircles the dynamics of glaciers, high altitude lakes and ponds in the Indian Himalaya (Karakoram, J&K, Ladakh, HP, UK, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh). The aim of this activity is to address glaciological issues ranging from scientific quests to societal relevance.

  • To comprehend glaciers dynamics based on remote sensing and ground-based observations: mass balance, velocity, area, length, volume, thermal regime etc.
  • Real-time glacier response to meteorological and hydrological parameters
  • Assessment of snow-cover and snowline changes and their impact on glacier dynamics and regional hydrology
  • Appraisal of glacial hazards (GLOF, debris flow, flash floods, etc.) using an integrated approach i.e. meteorological, hydrological, seismological and remote sensing data
  • Processes-based modeling of melt and other glaciological processes based on such observations.
  • Reconstruction of climatic variability using high-resolution proxies such as the tree-ring and shallow ice cores
  • Anthropogenic forcing of Glaciers and pristine Lakes/Ponds: Real-time measurement of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, H2O etc.) over the remote glacierised regions of Himalaya

Geothermal Studies

A lot of effort is on to meet the overwhelming energy requirements at one hand and to reduce the CO2 emission on the other hand towards the energy security. For this purpose, several forms of renewable and unconventional energy resources are being explored. The geothermal field in the Himalaya offers a renewable energy resource that has a great potential for generating electricity, heating, and cooling. The aim of this activity is –

  • To assess the energy reserve of springs from the NW Himalaya with a view to harnessing this green energy as electrical energy for domestic/local purposes.

Assessment of the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 etc.) from the geothermal environment into the atmosphere

Team Members:

Kalachand Sain (Activity In-charge)

Phone No: 01352525103

Manish Mehta
Scientist ‘E’

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Vinit Kumar
Scientist ‘D’

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Sameer Kumar Tiwari
Scientist ‘D’
Phone No: 01352525186

Dr. Rakesh Bhambri
Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525410

Dr. Amit Kumar
Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525411

Pankaj Chauhan
Scientist ‘C’

Phone No: 01352525355
Email: pankaj’AT’wihg[dot]res[dot]in

Dr. Jairam Singh Yadav
Scientist ‘B’

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