About Us

You are welcome to the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG) at Dehradun. This is an autonomous institution of Department of Science & Technology (DST), GoI, which came into being in 1968. It has been pursuing basic researches to unravel the orogeny of majestic Himalaya and provide improved understanding on seismogenesis, geodynamic processes, climate-tectonic interactions, evolution and extinction of life, ore formation, glaciology, river system, natural hazards (landslides, floods, and earthquakes), anthropogenic impact etc. towards the well-being of population and safe-guarding the properties and structures in the Himalaya and adjoining areas.


Continuously strive to unravel the geological truths related to mountain building, particularly Himalaya, for improving understanding of geodynamic processes, climate variability, natural resources, evolution of life, assessment and mitigation of natural hazards.


Application of emerging knowledge about the earth processes for fostering sustainable development and secured living in the Himalayan region.


Carryout research towards the development of new concepts and models for the geodynamic evolution of the Himalaya through an interdisciplinary approach.
Develop exploration strategies and management of natural reserves like minerals, industrial material, glaciers and water.
Plan and coordinate research towards understanding physical processes causing natural disasters, evaluate their hazard potential and suggest remedial measures.
Serve as the National Reference Center for the database on the geology of Himalaya.