Activity 4A

Activity 4A – Climate variability and landscape responses in selected transects of NW and NE Himalaya

The pre- collisional record (i.e. the Proterozoic sediments of Lesser Himalaya) can help (i) in understanding the nature (i.e. arc/passive margin) of the extended north Indian cratonic margin (which got consumed in due course) and refinement of ‘Supercontinent architecture’ in Columbia and Rodinia, (ii) address the nuances of the Proterozoic climate, in particular, basin hosted carbonates can act as a proxy how the changes in ocean chemistry led to the evolution of life. In contrary, the syn and post collisional basins like the Siwalik and Indus molasses bear testimony to landscape changes as Asia and India collided and thrust sheet loading in Himalaya progressed. The younger (Late Pleistocene-Holocene) phenomenon is archived in the landscape of the rivers draining this mountain chain. The tectonics that may have an overarching role in shaping the landscape and evolving the sedimentary basins. The climate variability is an integral part of it as well. The temporal record of climate-tectonics as variable is archived in sediments and landscape. This project therefore aims to (i) reconstructing the past climate and extremes and responses using lake, peat, speleothem and paleoglacial records (ii) delineating Quaternary signatures of tectono-climatic evolution of Himalaya and its foreland, (iii) building the syn and post collision landscape using sedimentary archive,  (iv) understanding sedimentary pattern and basin evolution of pre- Himalayan sedimentary basins and (v) work out how the changes in ocean water chemistry led to the evolution and proliferation of life on Earth.

Team Members:

Dr.Khayingshing Luirei (Activity In-charge)
Scientist ‘F’

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Som Dutt
Scientist ‘D’

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Anil Kumar
Scientist ‘D’

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Chhavi Pandey
Scientist ‘D’

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Pinkey Bisht
Scientist ‘C’

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Subhojit Saha
Scientist ‘B’

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