Q – I want to do short term training at WIHG?

A- Please visit our “Student Programs” menu for latest updates regarding Summer/Winter trainings.

Q- How do I join WIHG as permanent employee?

A- Please visit “Recruitment News” section for updates on career opportunities at WIHG.

Q- How can I avail the various Consultancy services?

A- Visit our website https://waics.wihg.res.in/ for details regarding consultancy services.

Q- What are the various services/analysis offered by WIHG?

A- Visit or website https://waics.wihg.res.in/ for details.

Q- How to get access to various research publications published by WIHG?

A- Visit our website https://www.himgeology.com/ for details.

Q- How to avail WIHG Guest House facility and what are the charges?

A- Please visit the link https://www.wihg.res.in/?page_id=345 for details.

Q- Can any student access the Library books?

A- Visit the link https://www.wihg.res.in/?page_id=348 for details.