MMVFTB (Magnetic Measurements Variable Field Translation Balance)

Model/Make: MMVFTB (E)/Peterson Instruments, Germany and Magnetic measurements, U.K.


The Advanced Variable Field Translation Balance (AVFTB) is a modification of the horizontal magnetic translation balance. In contrast to the normal horizontal translation balance in the AVFTB the magnetic gradient is not produced by the special shape of the pole pieces of the electromagnet, but by a separate set of gradient coils. The generated gradient field is not kept constant, but is oscillating with a certain frequency. The AVFTB can thus be considered a one-dimensional harmonic oscillator with damping, operated in forced oscillation mode. The oscillating part of the instrument is a pendulum with bifilar suspension with the sample fixed to it. The motion of the system is excited by periodic force acting on the sample and generated by the gradient coils.

The system is operated at resonance frequency to obtain highest sensitivity. The motion of the sample is monitored by a linear voltage detector (LVDT). This signal after processing in the PC is then proportional to the magnetic moment of the sample. The Advanced VFTB introduces a special mode of operation that allows the user to simultaneously measure the magnetic susceptibility.


The Advanced Variable Field Translation Balance is a multipurpose high sensitivity magnetometer for research and industry applications. It is particularly designed for measurements of hysteresis loops diagrams, temperature IRM acquisitions, remanence coercivity and thermo-magnetic curves. The AVFTB Electromagnet has a strong maximum magnetization field (up to 12 k Oe = 1.2 T). Also it can additionally do low temperature measurements down to -180 Deg.C (Liquid Nitrogen temperature). The AVFTB Electromagnet is not equipped with an AFD unit.


This exciting new rock magnetic instrument is not just a CURIE BALANCE but an ultra sensitive variable field translation balance (MMVFTB) that can perform many different tasks. It can measure CURIE TEMPERATURES up to 800 deg C, VARIABLE TEMPERATURE (-180 to + 800 deg C) IRM acquisition and BACK FIELD, and VARIABLE TEMPERATURE (-180 to +800 deg C) HYSTERESIS LOOPS and MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY all fully automatically using our sophisticated windows software. The instrument facilitates to calculate Day and King plot parameters to assess magnetic domains. The temperature bases remanence curves can be help to for magnetic mineralogy in low quantity sample (up to 1000 mg).