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बारंबार पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

   1.How to avail research opportunities available in the WIHG?

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, a premier research organization dedicated for Himalayan geology offer opportunities to eligible well qualified candidates to work in this premier Institute. The Institute advertises posts for scientists and technical officers time to time in various news papers as well as well as in the website of the Institute. The eligible candidates can apply for these posts in a prescribed format made available by the Institute. Students seeking to do research can visit the Students Programme or Opportunities in the Home Page.

For consultancy work one can kindly approach scientists in relevant field. Details of specialization and expertise of research is available in Division pages in this website.

 2.How to avail Institutes Instrumentation facilities?

Research organizations as well as educational institutes of India can avail instrumentation facilities available in the Institute. For obtaining instrumentation facility it is liable to take permission from the Director, WIHG. The Instrumentation In Charge of respective labs can be approach for further quarry/information.

 3.How to initiate research collaboration in the Institute?

The Institute provides opportunities to research workers to collaborate with Institute scientists in geological and applied field research programmes focused in the Himalayan terrain. The Institute promotes both national and international collaborations in national interest as well as for integration of different research fields for exploration of Himalayan Geology. One can contact concerned scientists by visiting Division page or write to Director, WIHG.


The Institute provides consultancy services in the field of road alignment, site selection for bridges and their foundation, slope stability and control of landslides, site selection for deep tubewells, geotechnical feasibility of major and minor hydel projects and related structures, passenger and haulage ropeways, seismotectonics of hydel projects and environmental feasibility of developmental projects. For availing consultancy service request can be sent to Director, WIHG.

 5.What are the research opportunities in the institute for doctoral and post graduate student?

WIHG offers Research Associate Fellowships and Institute Junior Research Fellowships to fresh doctoral and post graduate candidates, especially in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Project Assistantships are also available. Fellowships are advertised time to time. For advertisements for fellowships, check Students Programme or Opportunities in WIHG website.


6.How to apply for dissertation and summer training programmes in the Institute?

The Institute provides instrumentation facility as well as research guidance as part of M.Sc./M.Tech. dissertation to the post graduate students as well as part of their summer training course. Interested candidates should approach Director, WIHG through proper channel to carry out their dissertation work and summer training in the Institute.

 7.Ph. D. program and its future prospects:

The Institute provides opportunities to eligible candidate to pursue Ph. D. in various disciplines in the field of Himalayan Geology. Registration for Ph. D. has to be in any degree imparting university. For fellowships for JRF/SRF check Students Programme or Opportunities WIHG website.

 8.How can one visit the WIHG museum (student, delegates)?

The WIHG museum offers a glimpse of the dynamic Himalaya and the Institutes contribution in deciphering the evolution of the Himalaya. Delegates and students coming from outside the campus require official permission from Director, WIHG to visit the museum. The museum observes Open Days on National Science Day (February 28), National Technology Day (May 11), Foundation Day (June 29) and Founders Day (October 23).

9.How to avail library facility?

All research workers of Indian national as well as foreign delegates can access library facility after getting permission from Director, WIHG.

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