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Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG) is committed to foster young researchers seeking to unravel the mysteries of evolution and formation of the mighty Himalaya.

WIHG provides fellowships for research students in all fields of Himalayan geological/geophysical research. These fellowships are advertised time to time in newspapers as well as uploaded in the Institute Website

I.Institute Fellowships:

The Institute provides two categories of Institute Fellowships every year:

a) Junior Research Fellowship

b) Institute Research Associate

 II.Project Fellowship

Project assistantships are advertised as and when vacancies in Institute projects or externally funded projects arise.

Eligibility Criteria (or as advertised)

 Fellowships  Type of Fellowships  Eligibility  How to apply
Institute Fellowship JRF1 M. Sc. in corresponding discipline Advertised in news papers
as well as through Institute website
RA2 Ph. D. in corresponding discipline
Project Fellowship JRF1 M. Sc. in corresponding discipline
RA2 Ph. D. in corresponding discipline
PA3 As mentioned in Advertisement
PS4 As mentioned in Advertisement
1 JRF = Junior Research Fellow
2 RA= Research Associate
3 PA= Project Assistant
4 PS= Project Staff
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