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आग्नेय शैलविज्ञान एवम् भूरसायनिकी

The Institute offers the following instruments placed in Petrology Division as a Central Facility:

Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA - CAMECA - SX-100) for quantification of element concentrations in minerals, WD spectra of minerals and image profiling of elements of minerals.

X-ray Diffractometer (PANanlytical, X-Pert PRO) for identification of different phases of minerals and compounds.

Inductively Coupled Plasma and Atomic Emission Spectrophotometer (ICP-AES-JOBIN YVON JY-70 Plus) for determination of major, trace and rare earth elements.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ELAN-DRC-E) for determination of major, trace and rare earth elements.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS-Varian-880) with flame and graphite furnace for determining of major and trace elements.

X-Ray Fluorescence Sequential Spectrometer (XRF-Siemens SRS-3000) for determination of major and trace elements in rocks/materials.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM- Zeiss EVO 40 with EDAX attachment) to study the surface morphology of micro fossils, minerals and ore minerals.

Laser Raman Micro Probe - (Horiba Jobin Yvan - High Resolution) for identification polyatomic species in solid, liquid and gas phases, and for minerals and fluid studies.

Central seismic laboratory of WIHG is at Dehradun where real time seismic data is collected from the remote seismic stations of NW Himalaya. The laboratory is well equipped with the computational facilities to process and interpret the seismic data in real time mode.

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