Research Theme


The Structure and Tectonic Division aims to study the structural and tectonic evolution of the Himalaya with special emphasis on kinematics of different thrust sheets in order to improve our understanding of geodynamic processes involved in the formation of the Himalaya.

 Research themes

The Structure and Tectonics Divisions approach is to seek the development of geodynamic model of the orogenic belt that can explain the collision tectonics, the metamorphic history, exhumation, and crustal shortening, crustal deformation as well as can provide clues to the space-time distribution of seismicity. Keeping in view of above problems, an integrated geotransect is initiated in the Eastern and Western Himalayan syntaxis that has largely remained unexplored so far. The challenge lies in the fact that transects in these regions would constrain the role of collision, extension as well as compressional tectonics.