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Area of Research

The research in Himalaya has distinctive evolution history and offers ample opportunity to unravel the geological truths related to mountains building and crustal evolution of the terrain in the geodynamic framework of the India-Eurasia convergence. The Petrology and Geochemistry Division aims at research towards the development of crustal evolution models of the Himalaya through petromineralogical, geochemical, geochronological and fluid inclusion studies of magmatic and metamorphic rocks. The Group works in the fields related to the subduction processes and pre-subduction episodes, magmatism including ultramafic to acid magmatism, UHP metamorphism and the inverted metamorphic sequence, mineralogical uniqueness, chemically characterizing mineral and rocks to delineate genetic environment and tectonics, fluid inclusions for understanding exhumation, mineral genesis and magmatism and the evolution of economic minerals from NW and NE Himalaya.