Future Missions
Carry out multidisciplinary research on selected Himalayan glaciers to understand the dynamics of glaciers and their response to climate change.
Understanding the chemical weathering of Himalayan rocks in relation to tectonic, climate and environment and water quality assessment.
Snow, Ice and melt water chemistry of Himalayan glaciers in relation to climatic change and to understanding the spatio-temporal variations in chemical and isotopic composition, and depositional fluxes of natural and anthropogenic chemical constituents to the glaciers.
Characterization of engineering properties of rocks in the Northwestern Himalaya.
Comprehend the distribution and nature of active fault systems in diverse structural segments of the Himalaya and to recognize their relation with regard to seismicity.
Impact of climate change on landslide, mass movement, and flash flood in higher and Trans-Himalayan region with emphasis on Quaternary environment change, and reconstruction of palaeoglaciations.