Tools & Facility


The GEG Group has five full-fledged laboratories as follows:

Glaciology Laboratory

The lab is well equipped with instruments required for the glaciological studies and analysis of field data, particularly for mass balance, hydrology, glacial sediments snow/ice chemistry, ice flow and ice thickness measurements, etc. There is a field station at an altitude of 3800 m and data on various aspects of glacier studies is being collected round the year. The laboratory at WIHG is equipped with the following.

Electronic Distance Meter (EDM): used for topographic survey, stakes measurement for mass-balance studies and snout fluctuation.
Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPR): used for estimating the ice thickness of the glacier, bed rock topography and total snow accumulation/ablation in a budget year.
Sieve Shaker: used for grain size analyses of suspended sediments, moraines and supra, sub and englacial sediments.
Automatic Weather Station (AWS): Installed on the Chorabari glacier to collect meteorological data round the year.
Steam Drill Machine: used for stake networking ( drill duo to 12m) for mass balance and flow measurement.

Water Chemistry Lab

The Water Chemistry Laboratory is dedicated to snow and water chemistry for environmental studies, chemical weathering of rocks and water quality of surface and groundwater. The lab is equipped with the following instruments.

Ion chromatograph (Model Dx 500 of Dionex Corporation, USA) for the analysis of major ions in water
Ultrapure Water Purification System (Millipore)
Clean Bench
Spectrophotometer (LaMotte, USA)
Portable Water Analysis Kit for physical parameter such as temp., pH, Conductivity, TDS and DO (LaMotte, USA)
Instruments for Bacteriological Analysis (Total Coliform, E. Coli and S.Coli) from IDEXX, USA using Colilert

Remote Sensing Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with the following:

Mirror Stereoscopes (for Air Photo interpretation)
Large Format Tracing facilities
Digital Image Processing facilities

Geotechnical Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with the following:

Direct Shear Test Apparatus
Apparatus for Atterberg Limits (Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit)
Pycnometer for Specific Gravity Determination
Sieve Shaker (apparatus for grain size distribution)
Point Load Test Apparatus
Unconfined Compressive Strength Tester
Permeability Apparatus
High Precision Density Determination Apparatus
Slake Durability Apparatus
Schmidt Hammer
Standard Penetration Test Apparatus
Total Station with ATR capability

Ultrasonic Laboratory

This laboratory equipped with High Energy Pulsor and Receiver Unit, Oscilloscope and High Frequency Transducer (1 MHz) for the measurement of the P- and S- wave velocities (Ultrasonic velocities) of rocks in the laboratory under normal pressure and temperature