Mission & Objectives

The primary mission of the Centre is to “Mount a coordinated research initiative on Himalayan glaciology to understand the factors controlling the effects of climate on glaciers in order to develop strategies for climate change adaptability for sustained growth of society”. In addition, the Centre shall take up programmes of capacity building in this very specialized field, which will eventually nurture the independent Indian Institute of Glaciology.

Approved objectives of the Centre for Glaciology are as follows-

  • Institutionalize glaciological research in the country to provide holistic approach to Himalayan glaciology research.
  • Establish flagship field stations for multidisciplinary high quality data capture to establish inter-linkage of various forcing factors with glacier dynamics.
  • Document glacial responses to paleoclimatic variability through laboratory sediment records (moraine, glacial, fluvial and lacustrine), ice cores, peat logs, tree rings etc.
  • Create manpower through training programmes in glaciology to fill void of human resources in this specialized field.