Research Area

The Geomorphology and Environmental Geology Division has been engaged in research efforts towards natural resources (Glaciology and Water Chemistry/Hydrology), past and present climate change (Quaternary Geology and Glaciology), natural hazards (Landslides, Cloud Bursts, Flash Floods, Microwave Remote Sensing Applications in Crustal Deformation Study, palaeo- and neo-tectonic geomorphology (Remote Sensing Applications in Active Fault Study and Fluvial Geomorphology) and natural database management.
The glaciology team has been carrying out dedicated work in extreme conditions. The installation of Automatic Weather Station (AWS) in the Chorabari Glacier, Uttarakhand is a step towards climate change studies in Himalayan glaciers. India’s first glacial field base station was established in the Dokriani Glacier in the year 1992. The Dokriani Glacier Field lab is complete with survey, hydrometry study and mass balance observation equipment facilities.